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January 6, 2022: Another homeowner who worked with the Merediths, Teisha Satterfield Hawley, spoke out about her experience on “Home Work.”

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Teisha Satterfield Hawley posted an eight-part Instagram story about having her home renovated for “Home Work” on January 6. Her experience was similar to Bennion’s.

“Candis was always so charming,” Hawley told Insider. “You could sit down with her, and she would sell you these dreams in your head. She came into our house, and she saw more than I could have ever imagined and dreamed of.”

“She was so good at telling us what things could be,” Hawley added. “I would get so emotionally wrapped up and think, ‘Oh my gosh, my home’s gonna be beautiful.'”

Hawley wrote on Instagram that she and her husband Jeff gave the Merediths $45,000 to renovate their living space in four weeks. Ten weeks later, after the Merediths had only demoed their home and laid damaged flooring while the Hawley family lived out of their basement, Candis told the Hawleys they would need an additional $40,000 to make the project work, according to a follow-up post shared on Hawley’s Instagram account.

In another Instagram post, the Hawleys wrote that they told the Merediths not to come back after they asked for the additional money, choosing to figure out how to fix their home without their help.

“People with ‘celebrity’ status can’t have power over others just because they feel like they can,” Hawley told Insider, adding that “the Magnolia name (as well as Chip and Jo’s)” gave them “a sense of safety and security” in working with the Merediths.

“There are many families and even businesses that have been harmed by these people,” she added, speaking of the Merediths. “It all needs to be put to an end.”


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