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The type of paint used matters. Choose flat or a matte finish latex for the easiest application and the best overall results. If you buy an acrylic or latex product that is very thick, it’s essential to water it down by as much as 20%, according to HomeAdvisor. Otherwise, it could weigh too much and pull the stipple of the popcorn off.

For the primer, use an oil-based product to prevent water from saturating the acoustic material, which would ruin the finish and cause it to pull away from the ceiling itself. The oil will minimize moisture getting into the finish, protecting it and allowing you to then use a water-based color over the top.

As for paint color, you may wish to go with a bright color or add something different to this space, or you may want to stick with the off-white that’s likely already there. Darker colors tend to enhance a space, making it feel more comfortable and intimate, while lighter colors will help the ceilings feel higher and make the space feel larger.


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