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After many tears of heartache, these are tears of gratitude.

Two years ago, when she knew she was going to die, Roslyn Nicholson of Katy, Texas made her then 20- year- old son Jaylan promise her two things.

To always look after his younger brother Julian, and to never sell the house she worked so hard to pay for, and pay off.

“Before she died, she told me not to sell the house. My mom and my stepdad (who had died years earlier) had paid it off and she wanted us to live in it.”

Rosalyn was a doting mother, the kind of mother that was at each and every football practice for both sons.

She was so proud of the gentle and caring souls they were turning out to be.

Though he tried to find any way he could, he was forced to drop out off college to work full time to support 12 – year- old Julian.

“He’s my reason.”

He took his moms promise seriously.

Julian and his well being was his sole purpose.

And it was a rare day when Julian wasn’t actively mourning his mom.

They were getting by.

Just, but they were managing to do it.

And then the great freeze descended upon Texas last year, the one were their senator spent in the Cancun sun.

The pipes in the house froze, burst, and destroyed much of the house.

The water from the attic pipes pretty much wiped everything below.

Except Rosalyn’s dining room table, the only thing that remained undamaged.

Their home insurance had already lapsed.

By this time, Jay had saved up $20,000, which was not an easy feat.

And then the only thing worse than a natural disaster hit the two brothers square between the eyes, and left them truly devastated.

A predatory dirtbag of a contractor who was hired to fix the repairs left them high and dry after taking the money.

He even stole the air conditioner that kept them cool.

He had also had broken dozens of holes in the walls throughout.

It was a pretty bleak and lonely time.

Their grandmother, who had just lost her husband, offered for them to live with her, but that would have meant transferring schools, and Julian wanted to stay and eventually play on the same team that his big brother did.

And there was that promise he made to his mom.

Said Jay, “I want to make sure he doesn’t get in any trouble and that things can be smooth as possible for him in school.”

He really didn’t know where …….

Source: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2022/9/11/2122090/-Texas-Community-Rallied-To-Support-Two-Young-Brothers-Lost-After-Losing-Their-Mom-And-Their-House?utm_campaign=recent

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