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When it comes to construction technology, there is a lot of noise. For a large contractor like Swinerton, teams must filter through the static to help parse out which solutions can actually be helpful on the jobsite. 

This summer, the San Francisco-based contractor opened its first office in New York City, helmed by vice president Andrew Pearl, who hopes to bring Swinerton’s West Coast building style to the traditional New York City market.

The builder is also hoping to bring some of its high-tech solutions and techniques as it expands into the new market. Here are some of the solutions that Swinerton has rolled out and invested in.

Drywall robotics system

Swinerton has begun to utilize a human-operated drywall taping and finishing machine developed by Canvas, a San-Francisco-based firm. Combining a scissor lift with a robotic arm, the robot delivers a Level 5+ finish on walls, and can cut a seven day job to two.

Andrew Pearl

Permission granted by Swinerton


Pearl said the robot can be immensely helpful to projects where it applies, but it does have limitations. For example, the robot doesn’t do curved walls well; it’s best done on straight sections of walls. The robot is also large — weighing around 2,000 pounds — which can make it a challenge to get it up onto higher floors.

Where it fits, however, Pearl said it’s an example of when technology and automation can not only save time and energy, but put workers in safer positions. 

When operating a robot like Canvas’, the worker is often 10 to 15 feet away from the action. They’re able to observe and operate, as opposed to being up close. Drywall may not be the most dangerous work, but in scenarios where a worker can be operating a machine doing the work up close, that can keep them out of harm’s way.

Layout robot

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