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If you have a basement, you might be thinking about updating it to make it more modern and usable. A basement remodel can be a fun project that adds space to your home and increases its value, but it isn’t cheap.

A full basement remodel can cost an average of $21,391 with costs ranging from $30 to $75 a square foot, according to contractor-search service Angi. If you’re handy, you might be able to save money by doing the job — or at least the less-strenuous parts — yourself.

What’s involved in a basement remodel

It’s important to distinguish between remodeling a basement and finishing a basement. Homeowners often use the terms interchangeably but construction professionals know the difference.

Finishing a basement involves making an area that isn’t habitable into usable living space by adding flooring, plumbing, insulation and the like. Remodeling means taking an already finished basement and updating it. You could do an extensive remodel by gutting your basement and basically starting from scratch or a light one by replacing some flooring or adding light fixtures.

First decide what you want to use your basement for. If you want your basement to be a workshop for do-it-yourself projects, it necessitates very different features than making it into a man cave filled with sports memorabilia or an extra bedroom.

Once you know the goals for your basement remodel, you’ll know what you need to do during the remodel. Some common tasks include:

  • Adjusting the location of walls and doors
  • Adding light fixtures
  • Adding windows, if possible
  • Adding or adjusting plumbing
  • Replacing insulation
  • Replacing flooring or carpet
  • Adding heating and cooling
  • Making sure there are safe exits
  • Installing furniture and decorations

Aspects of a basement remodel for DIY-ers

If you’re looking to save money, there are many things you can DIY during your basement remodel. A lot of what you can do depends on how handy you are and how much you’re willing to work to save.

For example, you might be willing to rip up carpet on your own. It doesn’t require a huge amount of skill but can take some effort. The average carpet removal costs $1 a square foot, so doing it yourself can easily save a few hundred dollars.

If you install the new flooring yourself, you can also save a good amount of money, with the average project costing about $2,500 for materials and labor, but it can require more expertise.

Painting is another relatively easy task to DIY. Hiring painters costs about $1,500 on average. Paint isn’t all that expensive on its own, meaning you’ll cut down your costs by a fair margin if you’re willing to put in the work.

Some tasks, such as …….


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