First two-story, 3D-printed concrete home in the U.S. is under construction in Houston – Houston Chronicle

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Sasa Zivkovic stood on a 4-meter platform looking down onto the ribbons of concrete being extruded in continuous movement, one after another every seven minutes, eventually forming the back wall of what will be the first two-story, 3D-printed house in the U.S. 

It was an exercise in precision that Zivkovic, an architect and robotics expert, and a team of others have worked toward for a number of years. Under construction in an older, quiet neighborhood in Spring Branch Valley, this very modern home – embracing technology and building techniques still in their infancy – will look like nothing else in Houston.

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Zivkovic and Leslie Lok – a married couple who are also business partners in their HANNAH Design Office architecture firm in upstate New York – are assistant professors in Cornell University’s architecture school. Lok directs its Rural Urban Building Innovation Laboratory while Zivkovik directs its Robotic Construction Laboratory, two kinds of research that have come together in this new project in Houston, the city where Lok graduated third in her class from the former Robert E. Lee High School (now the Margaret Long Wisdom High School) before going on to Wellesley College and MIT.

The couple handled the design and project planning of this new 3D-printed house and worked with Houston-based PERI 3D Construction to develop the printing program. Another Houston-based firm, CIVE, handled the engineering and general contractor duties. 

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Dry Wall Contractor

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