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Photo: Courtesy of Kapili Solar Roofing.


Sometimes, it’s easy to forget about what shelters us — the literal roof over our heads. That’s why it’s important to check on your roof and to choose the right type when deciding to install a new one.


Time for a New Roof

The most obvious sign that you need a new roof is an interior leak, says Brennan Leong of Kapili Solar Roofing. Check for “dark tobacco staining on your drywall, dripping through your open beam, or other indications that water may be entering your home,” he notes.


Additionally, wood rot at the fascia, valleys and rafters may indicate a compromised roof. “Heavy granule loss or missing shingles are also signs that your home’s roof may need repair,” he adds.


Getting Started

A lot of customers come to Kapili Solar Roofing with plans for renovations and already have an idea of the kind of roof they would like. Other clients who aren’t necessarily planning to replace their roofs just yet might inquire about specific unexpected leaks.


“Whichever the case, we can provide helpful recommendations on the various roofing options available here in Hawaiʻi,” says Leong. “Each home is a little different, but we break it down to suit what might be best in your particular situation.”


Photo: Courtesy of Kapili Solar Roofing.


Learning Process

“My advice would be to take a little bit of time to learn about what types of options you have, and work with someone you can trust,” says Leong. Kapili Solar Roofing offers a wide range of products that homeowners can select from, and a little bit of foresight and planning can help them avoid making shortsighted decisions.


“Sometimes, taking a shortcut costs you in the long run,” he adds. “Being prepared with financing, whether through the contractor or your bank, will help you get the product that suits you best.”


What’s Offered at Kapili Solar Roofing 

Kapili Solar Roofing offers just about everything you may need when it comes to repairing and installing a new roof. The company has a roof repair/maintenance division, commercial roofing division and residential roofing division.


“We are certified in nearly every roofing system provided here in the Islands and provide comprehensive inspections to allow you to understand what your options are,” says Leong.


He recommends roof-integrated solar, which he calls the future of roofing. “It takes the potentially large cost of maintaining your roof and replaces it with something that produces free cash flow for your household,” he says. “We’ve been installing it …….


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