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When your building envelope requires a quality layer of protection with added drainage capability, TamlynWrap® Drainable is the right choice for the professional builder, designer or contractor. TamlynWrap® Drainable is a high performance water and air resistive barrier with a unique drainage pattern designed for the harsh conditions of a jobsite and all climate zones. TamlynWrap® Drainable is made from multiple non-woven and barrier layers that provide superior durability, moisture and air infiltration protection with added drainage capability. The unique drainage pattern can remove 100 times more bulk water from a wall versus standard wraps offering enhanced moisture management and drying. The tough non-woven structure is backed by an industry leading warranty of up to 25 years making TamlynWrap® Drainable the right choice for your residential, multi-family or commercial project. TamlynWrap® Drainable is unique in its development for focusing on improving building performance as well as the installation quality and jobsite safety.

HIGH WATER RESISTANCE Protects the building against moisture intrusion that can lead to the decay of building materials.

SUPERIOR DRAINAGE Greater than 95% drainage efficiency with 1.5 mm non-compressible filaments. Ideal for use behind stucco, stone, fiber cement and other absorptive claddings. AIR

BARRIER PERFORMANCE Protects against air infiltration that reduces insulation R-value performance, improves energy efficiency and overall indoor comfort.

VAPOR PERMEABLE (19 PERMS) Facilitates drying of wall components limiting the potential for mold and water related damage.

DURABLE Strong non-woven structure provides superior UV (120 days), tear and blow-off resistance.

MULTIPURPOSE May be used in commercial, multi-family or residential applications. Ideal for use over coated or non-coated sheathing systems.

EASY INSTALLATION Drainage pattern is omni-directional, so it can be installed in any direction. Non-woven structure is light weight, flexible and easy to integrate with other wall components. The roll size is safer to handle at elevated levels.

SUPERIOR WARRANTY Backed by a 15 year product or 25 year product and labor limited warranty. Patented technology.

The TamlynWrap® RainScreen is a multi-layer water management system. This product is intended for use over existing water-resistive barrier or coated sheathing systems. Ideal for use behind Stucco, Stone, Fiber Cement Board and Metal Panels. The 6.3 mm (1/4”) or 10.1 mm (3/8”) thick cavity spacers are non-compressible and can act as furring strips to promote enhanced drainage and drying capacity with improved installation efficiency. The three-dimensional design provides vertical and cross-ventilation. The non-compressible pattern evenly supports claddings, which helps prevent warping and other aesthetic issues.

SUPERIOR DRAINAGE Provides optimal drainage, which protects the building from moisture accumulation that can lead to the decay of building materials.

VENTILATED SYSTEM PERFORMANCE Provides superior drainage and drying when combined with Tamlyn top and bottom vent strips.

NON-COMPRESSIBLE SPACERS Available in 6.3 mm and 10.1 mm drainage gap. 3-dimensional drainage pattern provides a capillary break and exceeds 80% open requirements.

DURABLE Strong non-woven structure provides superior UV (120 days), tear and blow-off resistance. Does NOT absorb water, expand and …….


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