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Dry Wall Contractor

Kenneth Giesbrecht took emergency days off of work to enclose the rest of his house after a contractor left him and his wife freezing during winter.

“We had nothing to protect us, he took all the insulation out and just shred it and threw it up in the attic,” Giesbrecht said. “It was maybe 30 degrees, the heater was blowing wide open. … I had to leave work and come home. One night my wife was just panic stricken.”

He said he got insulation and placed it between the two-by-fours in the uncovered wall. Giesbrecht said he called the contractor one or two more times. He said the contractor told him there was one day’s work left but it was going to cost him more on top of the already paid $27,890 — after he didn’t show, Giesbrecht hired four contractors to complete the work. It took about a month and an additional $27,000.

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“He really stuck it to me,” Giesbrecht said.

The roof of Kenneth Giesbrecht’s home in the winter following work from Black Hills Construction in summer 2021.

Giesbrecht and his wife were out of their savings after hiring Black Hills Construction and working with Bernard “Bernie” Haag. Giesbrecht said Haag made the low bid of about $40,000 on his kitchen remodel and expansion on their Rapid Valley home.

It wasn’t until Giesbrecht filed, and won, a small claims court case against Haag that he discovered he was not the only victim.

According to South Dakota court records, Haag has 33 court cases containing his name, 12 of which are associated with Black Hills Construction and 27 of which are small claims filings. One of the cases is a simple assault criminal case against Haag. According to court documents, Haag pushed Giesbrecht in the Pennington County Courthouse. Giesbrecht, his wife and five sheriff’s deputies are witnesses.

According to federal court records, Haag was convicted of failure to withhold, properly account for and pay over tax; and concealment of bankruptcy assets in regards to a daycare business in Piedmont which was operated by Haag’s companies Big Dog Industries and Concept Development. According to the Factual Basis Statement, he failed to pay taxes on employees’ wages between 2005 and 2011, as well as 2012. In 2016, Haag was ordered to serve 18 months in custody with three years of …….

Source: https://rapidcityjournal.com/news/local/all-hell-broke-loose-contractor-has-numerous-judgments-against-him-that-have-not-been-paid/article_d094d446-c038-561b-8131-ee49de45193c.html

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