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Show us your tech! All August long, Inman will be talking to agents about the best technology they’re using now — everything from their favorite CRM platforms to the hottest 3D tours and everything in between. Plus, Inman tech reviewer Craig Rowe will work overtime on extra product reviews on the latest and greatest tech. 

Root canals, mosquito bites on your scapula, climate change — all of these things are easier to live through than home renovations.

If you’re considering making some changes to your home, either find a reason not to or find another place to be for the entirety of the project. It’s no wonder they edit most of the work in home improvement shows, no one would ever again hire a contractor.

From the utter ubiquity of drywall dust to unexplained five-figure budget increases, there’s simply nothing enjoyable about what happens between old linoleum and new hardwoods. So do yourself a favor and at least think about how one of the following software products might be able to help manage or analyze the value of a construction project, whether related to inspections, pre-market fix-ups or the general desire to put yourself through a living, dusty hell.

A home fix-up is no time to leave your client holding the nail bag, so each of the products listed below includes ways for agents to better their own business, too. After all, it is Agent Tech Month.

It’s name is an amalgamation of “easy, affordable home renovations,” and the app’s purpose is to digitize remodeling. Features help users serve, in a sense, as their own GC (general contractor), approving every step from provided checklists for each room or area in which work will be done.

The app also has room design templates for inspiration or to be used to exact standards. Once a project design is selected by the user, it can be converted quickly to an executable contract with every dollar clearly assigned.

Eano also carefully selects the folks who will be handling the labor, and they’ll be using the app, too, vital for ensuring all conversations are documented and come across clearly.

This software was built to help agents, contractors and sellers work together on pre-sale home modifications. It leverages data on market comps and project cost trends to arrive at an ROI.

Each user has their own view into what’s happening, and its communication channels keep everyone in the loop when it’s time for a discussion on what’s next.

Revive isn’t leaning entirely on software to automate what is obviously a very hands-on process. It instead blends its technology with salaried advisers assigned to each agent’s needs upon setup. It also uses video explainers at major steps along the way.

Plunk’s role is to help its customers determine home pricing after …….

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